Bong Joon-ho New Films

Bong Joon-ho who directed Parasite told his plan for next work. He is writing two scripts. One is about a unique scary situation taking place in downtown Seoul (The capital city of South Korea). It may be horror thriller. Another one is based on a real incident in 2016 London. He said he’s not sure … Continue reading Bong Joon-ho New Films

The King : Eternal Monarch

Now, The King : Eternal Monarch, which is the new K-drama, is being released on Netflix. This K-drama attracts K-drama fans’ attention for various reasons. Firstly, the actors. Lee Min-ho, who plays the male leading role, is one of the most popular Korean TV star. He has gotten the popularity as a representative of K-romance … Continue reading The King : Eternal Monarch

‘Time to Hunt(2020)’ Review

Spoiler Alert! The first scene of ’Time to Hunt’ is interesting. The camera walk is unique. When the film starts, in the dark, we can listen to the conversation between Jang-ho’ and ‘Ki-hoon’. Then, the screen brightens and shows two friends talking. At first, It looks like an objective shot, which is commonly used. However, … Continue reading ‘Time to Hunt(2020)’ Review

K-drama with Netflix

Do you like K-drama?Along with the popularity of Korean idol groups including BTS, K-drama is also gaining high popularity in Asia. Koreans have loved TV soap operas since a long time ago. For Koreans who work long hours, watching TV is the best leisure activities that can be easily seen at home at night and … Continue reading K-drama with Netflix

Train to Busan 2 : Peninsula

Train to Busan 2, Peninsula released the firs trailer. Peninsula will depict the struggle of survivors to survive in South Korea occupied by zombies four years after the Train to Busan incident. Korean movie star, Gang Dong-won takes the main role in this film.

Leslie Cheung

Do you remember Leslie Cheung? He was one of the most popular Hongkong actor, and showed unforgettable performances for cinephiles. He captivated the audience with his image of a beautiful and bright boy when he debuted, but in the latter of his career, he left a great mark in the history of the film with … Continue reading Leslie Cheung

K-Zombie Films

Kingdom S2 was released on Netflix two weeks ago. Like season1, season2 also gained a lot of attention with positive reputation from the viewers. When the Kingdom S1 was released, traditional Korean costumes and cultures became popular. The zombie genre, which started in the U.S., was transformed into a unique one when it met Korean … Continue reading K-Zombie Films

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