MUBI – A Unique OTT Service For Film Lovers

If you are a cinephile, you should know this platform.

Unlikely other OTT platforms, MUBI concentrates only on arthouse films and classic films.

You can meet not only the great films in film history books you read at school but also films which were released at various international film festivals.

It releases one film a day, and the film is available for a month. Because of this policy, it has a disadvantage that you can’t watch the film on the day you want.

However, because this platform has expertise programmers who can pick aesthetically high valued films, it can easily satisfy cinephiles who have huge interests in film art.

In addition, MUBI is good for people who want to study films. It provides various films from diverse countries, also the homepage provides meaningful information about films. (For example, you can meet Park Chan-wook’s Revenge trilogy at the platform now.) It is a streaming service, and film curator as well.

Especially, if you are living in the area with few cinemas which distributes various films, MUBI can be a good option.

Except films, you can search interesting contents on the homepage such as the film recommendation list of Paul Thomas Anderson. You can enjoy films and learn films here.

These days, because of the lockdown, you spend lots of time at your home. Netflix is also good friends, but I recommend that you take this opportunity to watch more diverse contents through MUBI.

Have a nice movie~