Bong Joon-ho New Films

Bong Joon-ho who directed Parasite told his plan for next work.

Interview with Parasite crew (No English subtitle)

He is writing two scripts.

One is about a unique scary situation taking place in downtown Seoul (The capital city of South Korea). It may be horror thriller.

Another one is based on a real incident in 2016 London.

He said he’s not sure what work he will start first.

The King : Eternal Monarch

Now, The King : Eternal Monarch, which is the new K-drama, is being released on Netflix.

This K-drama attracts K-drama fans’ attention for various reasons.

Firstly, the actors.

Lee Min-ho, who plays the male leading role, is one of the most popular Korean TV star.

He has gotten the popularity as a representative of K-romance drama.

Boys Over Flowers, Inheritors made him a star not only in Korea but also in Asia.

Kim Go-eun, who plays the female leading role, is also a rising star in Korea.

She becomes popular thanks to Goblin and Cheese in The Trap.

However, the most outstanding thing that attract K-drama fans is the writer, Kim Eun-sook.

She has made brilliant K-romantic comedies continuously, and her works have been always popular to the public.

She is good at writing interesting lines, making a competent narrative, creating romantic factors which cause fans’ fantasy.

Most K-romantic comedies cliches are made by Kim Eun-sook.

She mainly deal with the love story between a competent man and poor (but bright) woman.

She likes to use the plot of Cinderella story and Romeo and Juliet story.

Because of her works’ repetitive cliches, some people complain the her writings are old and boring and infantile,

but her new work still grab many K-drama fans’ attention, and it still enjoy the popularity and advertising impact.

Her representative works are Mr Sunshine, Secret Garden, Descendants of The Sun(They are all released on netflix.)

The King : Eternal Monarch is a fantasy romantic comedy. It deal with the love story in the parallel world. 

Korea is a republic country, but Korea also had Kingdom until 1910.

This K-drama set the imaginary world called Korean Empire, which is the parallel world of Republic of Korea.

The male leading character is the King who comes from Korean Empire, and the female leading character is a detective who comes from the Republic of Korea. 

It’s also like Romeo and Juliet story, and it can be expected Cinderella story because the male character and the female character have the class gap.

However, outstanding visual and charming characters and interesting lines will make this drama unique.

Kim Eun-sook always have made K-drama fans satisfied. I think this drama can make them happy again.


There is one interesting K-drama which shows the love story in Korean Empire, the imaginary world.

It is Princess Hours(2006).

In this soap opera, you can see Ju Ji-hoon who plays the main role of Kingdom.

Through Princess Hours, Ju Ji-hoon debuted. 

This K-drama is also full of interesting story and charming characters.

It is not on Netflix, but you can watch some clips of this soap opera on Youtube.

‘Time to Hunt(2020)’ Review

Spoiler Alert!

The first scene of ’Time to Hunt’ is interesting. The camera walk is unique. When the film starts, in the dark, we can listen to the conversation between Jang-ho’ and ‘Ki-hoon’. Then, the screen brightens and shows two friends talking. At first, It looks like an objective shot, which is commonly used. However, as soon as the two characters step outside the convenience store, the camera makes a unique move. The camera stops following the two and looks around as if a living person is looking around the world. In other words, this scene appears to be someone’s point-of-view shot. I think the first scene is the moment when someone wakes up. We can guess whose view point it is. Naturally, it’s the view point off ‘Jun-seok’ who is just coming out of prison, because he is the main character and he leads the story. In addition, it can also be seen as the eyes of the audience.

The film has a lot of motives about ‘Dream’ and ‘Sleep’. The tragedy that these boys experienced is due to the dream that ‘Jun-seok’ wanted to achieve. ‘Jang Ho’ pretends to be asleep a lot. In the middle of the film, the nightmare of ‘Jun-seok’ often comes out. ‘Ki-hoon’ says, “This is a nightmare, right? How could this be real?” And the film itself is likened to a dream. If the first scene is the eyes of the audience, it is also worth considering the film itself as a dream. If you watch the film with this logic, you can see quite interesting metaphors all over the film.

To paraphrase it, ‘Time to Hunt is ‘the nightmare like reality’. Or It’s ‘the reality like nightmare’. The reason why ‘Jun-seok’ falls into the tragedy is because he wants a pretty dream that he ca’nt achieve. Jun-seok’s life in Taiwan, the dream of ‘Jun-seok’ is described dryly in the film. Non-realistic reality intervenes in reality in Taiwan. It is beautiful but not the space of ‘Jun-seok.’ The time of nightmare is described realistically. It means that Jun-seok’s space is the nightmare. At first glance, it’s pessimistic, but the film doesn’t say, “So keep living in nightmares.” The unnecessary narration, which shows the director’s purpose directly, says ‘Jun-seok should not avoid the nightmare but should counter to it. If ‘Jun-seok’ wants to have another good dream, he has to wake up from that nightmare first. And when he accepts that hellish space is his space, he can see what he has to hunt to break the nightmare.

This is probably the director Yoon Sung-hyun’s idea about young people. Youngsters, who have no choice but to bounce here and there like pinballs in the fog, live in admiration of pretty dreams that cannot be achieved, whether on TV or in advertising. The dream seldom come true. Even if we achieve the dream, we can’t enjoy that dream if we avoid our responsibilities. It is not growth that has reached that dream. Yoon’s children can grow a little when they accept what they believe to be a nightmare as reality, and they decide to fight with the nightmare.

Time to Hunt trailer